Monday, March 08, 2010

Mary Couzin and I are Mutual Fans

Today was brunch with Mary Couzin of CHI-TAG at Bagel Country. Good bagels, good mock-liver spread, not-so-good hash browns.

Then a quick jaunt to the Maxwell Street Market, which was underwhelming. I might have enjoyed it more if I could eat non-kosher Mexican finger food. The rest was mostly crappy, knock-off handbags, cheap sunglasses, cd's, etc. Saw some Yu-Gi-Oh cards, but nothing else interesting gaming-wise. And the market is outside and it had started raining.

For the drive to and from Chicago we listened to parts of Middlemarch from, a repository of audio books in the public domain. What a great site. Although, different chapters of Middlemarch are read by different people, some better than others. Most are excellent. Only one was not-so-good.

Listen to The Age of Innocence, the entirety of which is read by Brenda Day. She's the gold standard for audio book readers.

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