Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shabbat Gaming

Played Magic with the 12 year old daughter of the friends in whose house I stayed on shabbat (in Teaneck). She had been beating her parents at the game recently, and I thought I could show her how the game is really played.

I used one of her decks, simple red and white with fire, pacifisms, and some burn. Unfortunately, I didn't draw any red mana. Still, I slowly whittled her down with fliers, pacifying anything that could block them. All was going well I had her down 14 to 6 - until she tossed a bunch of instants onto a trampling green creature, one for +7/+7 and a few others for +3/+3. And I went down.


I then played Puerto Rico with Rachel and our hosts. It was back and forth, as games of PR can be. I won with 56, second was 54, and the other two had 46. No one really knew who was winning until the final counting.


I met with a good friend from Cornell this evening. But the big event is the high school reunion tomorrow evening. I already found out what a number of them are doing, and I know what many of them look like from Facebook pictures.

I'm guessing the usual attitude is to compare yourself and your success to that of your classmates: am I making more money? Do I look better? I must admit that I'm a little annoyed to see that one person who was a jerk to me in high school is doing quite well, financially. But I'm more curious to see what kind of personalities these people have now, and how they compare to the personalities I remember.

I'll take pictures.

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