Thursday, March 11, 2010

Off to NYC: Itinerary

Thursday: Arrive in NYC in the morning. Probably MOMA, some cheap kosher takeout, and an evening play (Our Town).

Friday: Rachel will hit the Natural History Museum, and I'll devise something to do that involves games. Neutral Ground is closed; what else is there to do game-related on a Friday morning/afternoon in Manhattan?

Shabbat in Teaneck, NJ with good friends.

Sunday: I say goodbye to Rachel :-( as she will be teaching at JOFA, and I'm basically free until my high school reunion in West Hempstead on Sunday evening.

Monday: I'm free again until around 2:00, then I'm off to the airport.

I'll have no trouble filling up the free time with interesting things to do in NYC - hopefully, I'll also hear from work - but I'm happy to hear from you if you want to meet.

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