Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Board Game Blog World Roundup

New blogs come to my attention since my last post. I also dropped at least a dozen more that haven't updated in at least three months.

Boardgames in Blighty - Mark Rivera, somewhere in the UK. Board games, sessions, etc.

Game Design is about Structure - Eero Tuovinen of Arkenstone Press, Upper Savo, Finland. A mix of gaming types.

Geek Insight - Some guy from La Mirada, CA. All I know about him is his profile pic and that his wife is a geek, too.

Go Forth and Game - Tom G, and no further info. Hey, Tom, how about putting up some info?

Sieze Your Turn - Kevin E. Schlabach, Philadelphia, PA. Twitter links to other stuff on board games.

The Game Whisperer - Richard Bliss, San Jose, CA. Game industry.

Toy Reviews and News - A group of people talking toys and some games.

ToyXplosion - Todd and Julie Bonner and kids talk toys and some games.

Unboxed - Chris Bowler, Stockport, UK. Concentrating on reviews.


Kevin E. Schlabach said...

Seriously... Thanks for the plug!

Unknown said...

tomg here.
Thanks for the link out. I'll put stuff up about me since you're interested. Keep coming back.
Go Forth And Game!

Rivcoach said...

Ditto here... appreciate the link. If any of you guys will be at ssen, drop me a note on Boardgames in Blighty. It would be nice to meet ya!