Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Board Game Blog World Roundup

New blogs come to my attention since my last post. I also dropped at least a dozen more that haven't updated in at least three months.

Boardgames in Blighty - Mark Rivera, somewhere in the UK. Board games, sessions, etc.

Game Design is about Structure - Eero Tuovinen of Arkenstone Press, Upper Savo, Finland. A mix of gaming types.

Geek Insight - Some guy from La Mirada, CA. All I know about him is his profile pic and that his wife is a geek, too.

Go Forth and Game - Tom G, and no further info. Hey, Tom, how about putting up some info?

Sieze Your Turn - Kevin E. Schlabach, Philadelphia, PA. Twitter links to other stuff on board games.

The Game Whisperer - Richard Bliss, San Jose, CA. Game industry.

Toy Reviews and News - A group of people talking toys and some games.

ToyXplosion - Todd and Julie Bonner and kids talk toys and some games.

Unboxed - Chris Bowler, Stockport, UK. Concentrating on reviews.
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