Thursday, June 10, 2010

Orange cell phone service (an oxymoron)

There is no telephone number for any Orange cell phone service station in Israel. You can call Orange phone customer service, but the actual service stations do not reveal their phone numbers and are not allowed to talk to anyone on the phone.

Rachel needed my permission to change something in our service while she was sitting at a station, and the service person refused to talk to me in order to get my identity number and last four digits of my credit card, which is what the phone customer service requires when they need to ascertain my permission.

Instead, she tried to fax me a power of attorney to sign and fax back. She tried to fax twice, and neither went through. Then the Orange fax began faxing me, repeatedly, for the next two hours. During that time, I received the fax 8 times, and I only received the fax 8 times because I then turned off the fax. Of course, during that time, I couldn't fax the signed form back to Orange, because their fax was continuously busy (calling me).

For two hours, the phone was ringing, the fax was shrieking, and the service rep and her manager blamed our fax for the problem, and refused to help Rachel. After three hours, and threats to cancel all of our service, Rachel gave up and left. When she got home, she called Orange phone service to complain, and they interrupted her, blamed us, and told her that she would have to go back to the station to finish what she started if she wanted any help.

Which she eventually, reluctantly, did, whereupon they bamboozled her into an 18 month contract for services that we don't need.

Go Orange.

This Weekend

This weekend is a synagogue shabbaton in the Golan at Kesher Yonatan, so I (probably) won't be blogging Fri and Sat.

I've been assigned to bring games. I'm taking that to mean: games for the kids, games for those who want to play games, and "games" meaning quiz or trivia or icebreakers of some kind. I'll bring all three.

And I'll try to remember to take my camera.

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