Saturday, June 19, 2010

Never Post When You're Feeling Mean

I redacted much of my previous post [1] because it wasn't really nice; I had written it in a bad mood. Most of what I wrote wasn't even true (and the truth doesn't warrant a blog post unless it's positive or has an important point to convey).

The weekend was pleasant. The meals were with only family and extended family, and (nearly) all of the speeches were in English, interesting, and not too long. The food was generally good. And I enjoyed reconnecting with my family.

My parents made it, and my father perked up somewhat over shabbat.

Tomorrow evening is the more formal celebration.

Sandra and Eli Berlinger
My parents, Sandra and Eli Berlinger

[1] Unfortunately, the original post went out on RSS before I could complete my redactions, so some of you may have read it. Moral: consider before you post!

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