Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A New Year, a New List of Blogs on the Blogroll

A new year, a new update to my blogroll. Game blogs new to me that cover games in general and update occasionally. If I've removed your blog from my blogroll, you haven't posted anything about games since last August, at least.

101 Best Board Games: Adam Lewis and Keith Pointo of Best Served Cold, a web design studio. I don't know if this site will regularly update.

Boards and Bees: Jesse Hickle, IN.

Dice Hate Me: Chris Kirkman, Durham, NC.

Dicecreator's Blog: Abaraham Neddermann. Creates custom dice.

Gamer's University: Ian Stedman and wife, Phoenix, AZ. About life and all types of games.

Gaming Fix: Akiva, Washington DC.

Boardgames Rejuvenate: A board game shop in Singapore. Games and reviews.

Homefront Wargame Center: A team blog on wargaming.

I Slay the Dragon: Jonathan Wolf, Carol Stream, IL.

IantheCool's Movie Reviews: A guy from Canada. Movie and game reviews.

iPad Boardgames News: Jamie someone. Notes, reviews, and ranks board games for the iPad.

learngamer.com: John Fong, I think from Korea. How to make and learn from home made games.

Plastic Polyhedra: Tom someone, location unknown.

Playing and Designing Board Games: Dave Ross,IA. A game design blog.

Purposeful Games for Risk Management: Will McGill, Penn State. Risk management games.

The Big Idea (Playology): Games content from Playology, by Jill and Gina.

The Hopeless Gamer: Chuck, Andrea, and Paul, out of Janesville, WI.

The View from the Turret: No info. A wargame blog.

Third Point of Singularity: Mr Nizz is back on my radar.


Tom said...

"Location unknown..." I like it ;)

Thanks for the mention, glad there's something of interest for you on my blog... and I'm in the UK, just to ruin the suspense!

I am now heading off to read some of your posts - there aren't enough boardgame blogs around for my liking, although your blogroll suggests otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I am honored to be among this crew.