Monday, January 03, 2011

Shabbat Gaming

Friday evening we went to some friends. I played Five Stones with one of the kids. Later in the evening I saw them playing a game I hadn't seen before: Spin & Trap. They didn't have the rules, and were obviously playing it wrong, since one person simply undid what the next person did ad infinitum. The real rules don't allow you to place the larger spin device onto your opponent's marbles, which helps a bit, but not much. I think the game will still be unterminating.

I played Anagrams with my shabbat guest, and Sunday night I played Scrabble with Rachel. She shot ahead by some 60 points, while I was stuck with racks of six vowels. I managed to score a Bingo (terrier) near the end of the game, and squeaked out a victory solely due to the points left on her rack (went from -3/+3 to +3/-3).

Watching Scott Pilgrim inspired me to read the graphic novel series, which I just finished. It's very cool. It's got flashes of deep: a transparent metaphoric structure, but it works it well and, in some cases, subtly and skillfully. A fun read, and the drawing and layout are well executed.

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