Tuesday, March 01, 2005

February Gaming at the JSGC

The following represents only those games played at the club, not other games that I personally played.

Amun Re x 2: A club staple.

Attika: I played this one, and I really did not enjoy it two player. I am looking forward to trying it multiplayer.

Cosmic Encounter: Mayfair. A hoot, although a new player had the audacity to compare this to "Munchkin on steroids".

Dvonn: Enjoyable little two player, if played a few times in a row. Still have little idea of what I'm doing, as there are a few too many libeties available for each move.

El Grande: Another club staple, that gets less play only because it is longer.

Geschenkt x 4: A club staple, quick and multiplayer.

Go: I wish it would become a club staple. Played on a 9x9 board, quick and endlessly fun.

Grave Robbers From Outer Space: don't ask.

Magic: the Gathering x 3: still fun, with the few members who know how to play. Endless fun with no preparation required when drafting random cards.

Oceania: also quick, with more than meets the eye, but not that much more.

Pente x 12: another quickie, still good for two players.

Puerto Rico + expansions: almost never played straight anymore, since some of my expansion buildings are (IOHO) better than the originals and/or official expansions.

Railroads of Catan: long and complicated, and fun. rules available on my site. I am thinking of making a quicker less brain intensive version for next time.

San Juan x 3: medium length for the half hour wait until an expected latecomer shows up, or while waiting for one group to end. A staple.

Taj Mahal: A great game, 3-5 players. A little tough to catch up when behind, however.

Tikal: Ditto, but from 2-4 players.

Torres: Ditto, but more cerebral.

Traumfabrik: Fun, but not earth shatteringly so. Works well as an intro game for non-gamers.

Web of Power: Played once, and really it. Must play again to get a firmer impression.

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