Saturday, March 05, 2005

Shabbat Conversation

The scene: Invited for lunch, the father (Sid) and his three sons have arrived. They are new in the neighborhood, and this is our first meeting. We are waiting for our wives to return from shul.

Me: And how long have you been in Israel?

Sid: five years.

(tick tock)

Me: And, um, where do you go to school?

Son 1: *so and so* school.



Me: And you?

Son 2: Also *so and so*.

(... tick tock ...)

Me: Hmmm.

(tick tock)

Me: And, uh, how about you? Where do you go?

Son 3: Uh, *such and such* school.

Me: Oh.



Me: Would you like to play a game?

Everyone: Sure! Great! What game!

Which got me going on my game collection, and games you can play, my game group, etc... I bring out two decks of cards, take out the 2-8 and two aces (my daughter also joins us) and we play two games of Pit. (Now I'm waiting for the purists to tell me that I can't play Pit by using two decks of cards since I have to buy the original game to support the industry/author/publisher.)

Which keeps us happy until the women get home. As we gather up to start lunch, I tell them that this is going on my blog.

Sid: Huh?

Me: Yes, I keep a blog with all my gaming on it. Also, I get to say that I won two games of Pit.

Sid: You're kidding. You would really write about this? Are you, like, obsessed with games?

Me: Uh, well, I just like to keep a gaming journal, for myself and the twenty-five people who read my blog every day.

My wife: Yes, he's an obsessive game geek. Didn't I tell you?

Me: That's it! You're going on the blog, too!