Friday, July 18, 2008

After Chess Boxing

What's next after Chess Boxing?

Fence Tac Toe: Players try to hit a grid on their opponent's chest. When they make a hit, they get to put their mark in the appropriate square. Three in a row wins.

Sockers: Players try to kick the ball over the heads of their opponents, who are then eliminated from the game.

Go Karts: Player try to complete as many laps as possible between moves in a Go game. Each lap is added to your score.

Jengaball: Players try to knock blocks out of a guant Jenga game by throwing basketballs.

Monopogolf: Two activities that are just as exciting to watch as to play. Whenever a player's token lands on someone else's property, he or she takes a swing at the board with a golf club (actually, that's just like the games I usually play).

Strategonnis: Players whack their pieces over the net. The piece attacks the opposing piece into whose space it lands.

Trivial Baseball: Players have to answer a trivia question related to the base on which they landed. The base doesn't count unless the answer is correct.

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