Friday, July 04, 2008

Movie Theater Games

Here's my next brilliant idea: movie theaters are losing money, but people are looking for new ways to play video games and socialize.

How hard would it be to create multi-player games playable from all seats in a movie theater on the screen before a game starts? Or, dare I suggest, even turn one theater in a cinema-plex over to full-time massive gaming?

They wouldn't even have to be online, although they could be. Think about a game of 100 versus 100 in some other theater. Charge per hour, per day, per month. Make guilds, have ads, sell pop-corn. Etc..

More people can play in a movie theater than can fit around my TV screen.

While we're at it, how come arcades (what's left of them) aren't doing this? Is anyone?



Luis Escobar said...

I'd be all over that.

Anonymous said...