Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Price of a Cup of Tea

I met a co-worker at a coffee shop this morning. I ordered tea for 10 NIS. I happen to like reusing my teabag for a second cup, so I asked for more hot water. I figured the 10 NIS was for the tea bag and the time. There are still some restaurants where you get an entire pot when you order tea, not just a glass.

The guy behind the counter decided that a cup of hot water would be the full price of 10 NIS, even without taking another tea bag. I decided not to order lunch at his coffee shop.


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Anonymous said...

I remember stopping at a McDonalds once because we needed hot water to make a bottle for my daughter. They had the nerve to charge me for a tea. Since I was charged for tea, I asked for the teabag.

The man behind the counter said he couldn't do that unless he charged me for another tea...