Friday, July 18, 2008


I played Boggle with Rachel (wife) and won twice by such large margins that she refused to play with me any more. Rachel beats me in Scrabble often enough. Quick pattern recognition is more my thing, I guess. And she apparently thinks she's not going to get better at Boggle if she keeps playing it with me. Or that it's not fun to lose by that much. Or not worth it.

I played Boggle with Tal (15 yo daughter), letting her use three letter words while I could only use four letter words, and I beat her, too. She was game to keep playing, for the experience. Tal gets better each time she plays; she might beat me one day, if she keeps trying.

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Soccer Dad said...

yes my daughter has reached the point where we split our Boggle games about 50/50.

If it's a matter of collecting words, she'll usually win. If it's getting one or two really big words, then I usually win.