Tuesday, December 09, 2008

R & R Games - The Secret Santa

For some reason, my emails to weren't getting through, and that's why I wasn't able to confirm until now that R & R Games is the company that offered to send games to the recipients that I'm not able to.

They're sending out games to 8 or 10 people absolutely free, just because they were moved by the stories on this post, and knew I couldn't get to all of them.

R & R Games produces some fantastic games, including the world's most highly regarded party game, Time's UP!. They have dozens of other fantastic games for kids and families, including Smarty Party, Hide & Seek Safari, Thingamajig, You Must Be an Idiot, and many more.

In fact, I sent Time's UP! as a gift just last week, and it was received very well.

Thanks, R & R Games. May all your holidays be merry.



Matthew Frederick said...

Frank is, without a doubt, a generous and very cool guy.

Even if he is a werewolf.

Anonymous said...

Reiner Knizia's Amazing Flea Circus is one of the top games at my home.

Anonymous said...

Hello Yehuda,
I would like to thank you for making such a thoughtful and generous gesture of kindness this holiday season. Thanks also to TommyNomad for mentioning mine and my wife's recent hardship. And I would like to send a very special to the folks at R & R Games for brightening our holiday season! Words are hard to express the gratitude and warmth we feel as a result of everyone's kindness and support. God bless you all.