Saturday, December 06, 2008

Want to Help Someone Out For the Holidays?

For my holiday giveaway, I received 27 comments, of which I determined that 12 of the submissions looked like they could really use some cheering up for the holiday.

I hate to have to pick only one, but I did. That leaves 11 other cases that could use help. I've already got an offer to cover 1 of them from someone; that leaves 10.

A game company contacted me, saying that they were willing to send up to 10 games to whomever I didn't cover. So no one will get left out.

But rather than send a list of 10 people to this game company, I wanted to know if any readers wanted to handle one of the cases. That way the actual game requested could be sent, and the generosity of the game company wouldn't be unduly over-extended. (Actually, some of the cases could probably use more than one game, anyway!)

If you want to help, let me know, and up to how much you can spend, and I'll send you one of the cases.

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