Friday, December 26, 2008

Roundup: Three Years of Fifty-Second Week Posts

Predictions about gaming in 2007 made in 2006. No need for new ones; each year the predictions are the same.

An analysis of my game It's Alive, formerly known as The Menorah Game

A look at what's making a comeback, a tired journalistic expression. And more tired journalism with regards to the abuse of Christmas poems.

When is it good enough?

So ends a year of wrapping up my first three years of blogging. Lesson learned: I created some kick-ass posts in my first three years. I'm quite proud of them. But I'm humbled; I've got many more posts to write, but I can't possibly keep up with the intensity and schedule I did during these last four year, especially now that I have a game news blog keeping me busy. My goals in 2009 are to grow Purple Pawn, complete at least one book, and publish another game.

I still expect to post here several times a week. Maybe sometimes I'll even post something brilliant. More often, I'll just keep covering the thoughts I have on gaming, IP, Israel, philosophy, and whatever else comes to mind. I'm sure we'll still frequently have interesting things to say to each other.

Thanks for reading my blog in 2008. Thanks for linking. Thanks for subscribing. And thanks, especially, for commenting. Have a happy new year.


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