Saturday, December 19, 2009

Board Game Blog World Roundup

This post lists new (to me) blogs since my last roundup, which was around three months ago.

You may also want to check the sidebar on my blog to see if your blog was dropped from my list, which it was if it has not been updated (or contained no game postings) in the last three months or so.


2d6: A staff of people doing video reviews and interviews.

2p Co-op: Alan and Gillian from the UK. Beginning gamers player two-player games.

Board to Death TV: Michaela and Steve, Montreal. Video reviews.

EdGames: Students of EdTech 670 course. All about everything having to do with games.

Endless Bag Of Dice: A 25 year old guy with the pseudonym MKay, Helsinki, Finland. Mostly RPGs, but promises to get more board game material in.

game thought: Nolan Lichti, Indianapolis, IN. Thoughts on games, but I don't know how serious a blogger.

Geek Pride: Ethan Gilsdorf, Somerville, MA. This blog is on Psychology Today's site. Pop culture, mass media, and gaming.

MetaGames: James Sheahan, Guilford, UK. Mostly reviews from a consultant.

Strategos Utopia: News from a board game store in Indonesia.

The Board Game Family: Trent Howell, UT. Reviews, text and video.

The Board Game Nut: Kevin Michaelis, West Valley, UT. Reviews from a hobby business owner.

The Word From the Outpost: Darren Johnson, Glendale, AZ. Industry info from a game business owner.

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Kevin E. Schlabach said...

I actually went through all the blogs on BGG's wiki (insane I know) and aggregate the ones that are alive into Google Reader. I then tweet the best blog posts at:

If I'm going to spend time finding all this stuff, I figured I could save others time.

Oh, and I barely tweet about anything else, so the noise ratio is very low (almost non-existent).