Sunday, December 27, 2009

More of the Same, and Games

If it's 8:30, it must be a bar-mitzvah

Our dear friends had a bar-mitzvah for their (4th? 5th?) son on shabbat morning. The BM boy read beautifully and then spoke very quickly.

Shul was followed by a kiddush.

If it's 11:30, it must be another kiddush

I ran from the bar-mitzvah kiddush to the kiddush at another shul, where my wife gave a small d'var torah in honor of our dear friends who just finished walking the entire Israel trail, in order to raise money for ALS research. They completed the trail, and also (with 6 km to go) raised their target goal: $36,000, or $36 for each kilometer walked. The walkers all lost several kilos. They have a haunted look about them, like they don't know what to with themselves now that they're not hiking.

You can still contribute, of course.

If it's 7:00, it's bar-mitzvah take two

The party for the bar-mitzvah boy takes place after shabbat (sometimes later in the week) so that there can be fresh hot food, gift giving, book signing, videos, music, and microphones.

The father of the bar-mitzvah boy did the worst karaoke rendition ever of a U2 song; on the plus side, the IDF is looking into using his talents for riot control in the territories. The food and company was good, though.

And then (9:30) a shiva visit

To the friend whose father's funeral we attended on Thursday.


Rachel has banished my game collection from the living room closet to the shelves near the washing machine. I admit that they fit better there. But still. The collection no longer dominates the living room. Sniff.

I didn't play anything this shabbat, but last shabbat I introduced some kids who love games, but are as of yet only familiar with mainstream games and with my game It's Alive, to Alice and Wonderland Parade (they liked it) and Lord of the Rings: the Confrontation (they loved it). They played ten games of LotR:tC, returning it to me the next day.

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