Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Two Weddings, A Funeral, A Bris, A Bar-Mitzvah, and a Wife (and some Movies)

Rachel is returning tomorrow, God willing, for semester break.

Over the next two and a half weeks, we're scheduled to attend two weddings, a funeral/shiva, a bris, a play, a bar-mitzvah, one or two sheva brachot, a shul shabbaton, and God knows what else. Oh yes, a birthday party.

This should be amusing.


Moon: It's a lot like Solaris. Both were intelligent movies for grown ups, with similar plots.

Broken Flowers: Not bad, but doesn't go far enough to sustain an entire movie.

Julie and Julia: Amy Adams is fetching, as usual; Meryl Streep is brilliant, as usual. They prettied up the less-palatable real life of the protagonist.

Knowing: Typical Nicholas Cage, typical plot loopholes in a sci-fi disaster movie.

500 Days of Summer: Zoey Dechantel is fetching, as usual. A decent, but not fabulous, romantic comedy.


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Melesha said...

I agree about Julia and Julia. Streep can make anythng great.