Saturday, December 05, 2009

Shabbat Gaming

Five of us played Alice in Wonderland Parade and Vegas Showdown.

Not having been to Essen, I didn't have a copy of Parade, but it was easily made from my Sticheln deck.

I'm pretty sure I got most of the rules right; I wasn't sure what happens if two or more players tie for most number of cards in a color. Do they all get the reduction, or none of them? We played that they all did.

Fun game. Elegant rules. It took some a while to grasp the implications behind the rules. They kept trying to assess which cards were better or worse, and the answer was always "depends". The most common physical activity was pointing at the line of cards and counting them.

Nadine won the first game, 6 points to my 8. Mace triggered an early end game by having each of the colors. Mace won the second won with 9 points, to Ksenia's 11. Nadine totally hosed me in the second game, and I repaid her in turn, taking us both out of contention.

Vegas Showdown was also a good game, as usual. I'd played before, but I still didn't feel like I knew what I was doing. Ksenia and Shirley each tied for first place (Shirley had the tie-breaking cash).

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Richie said...

Yes, all players tied for the most cards in a given color get the reduced point rate. (We've also been playing with a Stichln deck.)