Sunday, January 16, 2005

Game designing

Other people seem to make blog writing so easy. I guess I will have to branch out of only writing about games if I will have to have something to say.

But first, the game design process.

I am an unsuccessful game designer (so far), so you have nothing to learn here. Move along, move along.

Tonight was a typical night in the process. Take a grid board (Othello), and a hex board (Tikal), place various colored pieces (Othello and El Grande) onto the board in various different positions, and try to combine elements into something unique.

Well, this might one day give me a playable variation on checkers, or hex, or something like that. Would that be enough for a publishable game? Especially, after my long tirade recently against forcing others to pay for games that can easily be created by home components. (Well, that is not a problem: add some nice pieces, or some cards.)

Or, should I be reaching for something meatier. I have a meaty game design on the back burner. Maybe I should bring it forward, and see what happens.

Knizia makes it look so damn easy. Geschenkt wasn't one of his, but Kingdoms was, as is this other simple game I came across on BGG this evening called Flinke Pinke. How simple! I can do that!

Actually, I don't really like Kingdoms, and I haven't tried Flinke Pinke, yet. Will do next game session.

Work, work, work.


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