Monday, January 31, 2005

The Go club, and others

Preparation is now underway to have our first club meeting in the coffee house.

Jerusalem has a number of other game clubs.

There is a Go club that meets once a month. They have been meeting in a local restaurant for a few months, but I think they might be happy to join us. I like them. Most of their players play only Go, and have no interest in learning anything else, which is fine with me, but a few of them might cross over, and I would like to play Go once in a while. In any case, a bigger club means more presence.

There is a Chess club forming. There are probably many chess players, but I don't know any official clubs for adults.

There is a Diplomacy club that meets whenever, several bridge clubs that meet every night of the week (no hope there, they are not the cross over type), and the world's largest Scrabble club (ditto).

We also have a weekly Magic tournament in the mall, Shogi fans, thousands of street backgammon and checkers players, Rummikub players, and who knows what else.

Now that Settlers, and some other Mayfair and Fantasy Flight games are starting to reach this country, here's hoping for growth.


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