Friday, January 07, 2005

One week

Saturday: played Tikal, Puerto Rico, and San Juan with my wife.

Sunday: cause controversy on spielfrieks by stating that I play some games by constructing them from pieces I have lying around rather than buy them.

Monday: buy used computer game ($4.20, including shipping) from westbankgamers as a future present. Thanks, Greg.

Tuesday: receive email from Guido Teuber interested in my rail game design on a Settlers board, offers me a game (Oceania) to thank me for spreading the word, and wants to do an interview.

Wednesday: game night - 6 games. Session report on my website:

Thursday: no gaming :-( . Usually I game with my wife in the evening, and almost always 2 player Puerto Rico with expansion buildings from my sets.

Friday: friend coming for shabbat, much play expected.

All week: 5 simultaneous games online at .


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