Friday, January 21, 2005

Game trading

I just did a little game trading with the TA group. These trades are just temporary. We expect them to return, or at least remain fluid.

I gave them:

Die Macher - which we can't ever find time to play. Next time we have a long night, I want to try the railroad game again.

Goa - which we dont' play much, since I hate it. 'Sokay, we got some stuff in return.

Through the Desert - which we were becoming less interested in playing, as it is very serene.

Plus, they also have a copy of San Juan.

We got in return:

Chez Geek + expansion (just for laughs, one time)
Strange Synergy (ditto)

We already have of theirs: Evo (none of us like it enough), Taj Mahal, and Amun Re

Speaking of loaning games, Daniel walked off with Amun Re and San Juan for the weekend to play with his family, and my stepson has been borrowing Settlers a lot to play with his father's family until they buy their own. I think Nadine has a copy of something. Can't remember.


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