Tuesday, January 11, 2005

This is Your Life

More and more bad things, more and more good things.

My poverty level is now getting acute; I am now living by charging gas and food to my parent's credit card.

Today I go to my car (bought by money from my parents after having to sell the first one to live on) and the back window is broken, CD stolen, and alarm still on (still trying to figure out how that worked).

On the plus side of the world:

My son Saarya was accepted into the best 9th grade, and we're now applying for tuition reduction to see if he can go.

My daughter Tal has a reasonable chance of going to the best 7th grade that suits her. We are applying.

I am getting contacts from the gaming world: Guido Tueber as I mentioned, and Dan Rowen from Playroom Entertainment (publishes David and Goliath, among others) interested in me finding him a distributor here, and willing to send my group games to test out.

My creativity is working, and I have come up with serveral game designs that I am working to fit into good games. I need playtesters and critiquers.

I am enjoying game play. Would like more games to play, but I will have to settle for whatever comes my way for the near future.

The game group has good regulars, pretty nice people.

So the ups: kids and games, and friends. The downs: money, pretty much. And, that I'm not enjoying my job, which is most of my day. I would rather be working in the game industry, somewhere.


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