Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Accosting Strangers

As an addendum to the Toy Shop incident: you should know that this really happened, including my shouting "Woo Hoo!" and accosting passing strangers. Anyone who knows me would know that.

On my vacation, when we were lost in the woods, totally in the middle of nowhere, I was in the middle of a discussion with my son about the finer points of the Hagaddah, the book with the Passover service that we read on Passover night. Religious Jews study the Hagaddah, or other Passover laws, before Passover. We were stuck on two questions regarding the origin of some parts of the service.

Suddenly we ran into this religious couple and their children in the middle of nowhere. I immediately went up to them and said "Hi, we have two questions regarding the Hagaddah," and proceeded to ask the questions. Without any hesitation, I got two cogent and intelligent answers from the guy. We wished each other a happy Passover and I continued on our way.

It is always nice to be members of some clubs, just for the assumed kinship that is generated when you run into other members of them. Religious Jews form a club. I think board gamers in general do, too, and especially this little sub-group of board game bloggers.

When you think about it, all of us belong to overlapping clubs of some sort, most likely. If only we all realized it.


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