Friday, April 15, 2005

Going on a small vacation next week

Packing games.

We will be traveling with another family who I hooked on Settlers and then Cities and Knights, but I haven't been able to play with them since, so that is where they are stuck. Except he likes Settlers, and doesn't like Cities and Knights, and she likes Cities and Knights, and doesn't like Settlers. He was also Israeli Scrabble champ one year.

What to bring? What to bring?

I think Taj Mahal, Geschenkt (when we play with their kids), Dvonn, Amun Re. A Scrabble set for Scrabble and Anagrams. Deck of cards. They are the type who would probably also like Chez Geek, etc... Actually, with the exception of Scrabble, the above are all borrowed games.

Of course, we will also be hiking and swimming and whatnot. But really.

I am also planning a game day during Passover, so if any of you are coming to the Holy Land, drop me a line.


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