Monday, April 04, 2005

Jerusalem Rain

Rain in Jerusalem is a blessing. This is probably the last rain of the season.

I took a bus ride through the center of town today. Jerusalem looks beautiful from a distance; the red sun off the white stone in the sunset is amazing.

Up close it can be kind of dingy, especially while they are ripping up the streets to put in a faster rail / transit system. Like we used to say at Cornell, the city is beautiful, except when it's ugly, which is all the time, because they are always ripping it up to make it more beautiful.

Unfortunately, while people do notice, our energies, resources, and focus are always tied up towards preventing the next murderer step up to a bus or a yard full of children and blow them all up.

I remember that Rick Heli asked me if I play games about Israel or Jerusalem in my spotlightongames interview. No, I said. I play games to live my life despite my country's problems. I have no interest in recreating them.


Each year in Tel Aviv there is a large roleplaying convention called Bigor. They usually have a side contingent of warhammer and stuff like that. This year, the new Tel Aviv board game club has three board game competitions: Settlers of Catan, Tigris and Euphrates, and Tongiaki (this one I never played).

I may be able to make the Settlers tournament, along with my two kids 14 and 12, who are just as likely to win as anyone else, since they've been playing for 9 years. I am just a little concerned as to the types of people they would be playing against, however. Well behaved or jerks? We shall see. I've never been to a game convention.


It was my birthday yesterday :-) . I was sick :-( .

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