Saturday, April 02, 2005

Panic Attack

First, a few words from my panic center:

Every once in a while I check my statistics on BGG. I have a number of anonymous geekbuddies; I don't know who they are, but I guess either they like what I write, or the volume that I write. But I seem to have lost two geekbuddies in the last few days.

Oh no!

Does what I write interest people? Have I offended someone? Are my posts too condescending or pedantic? Is my sense of humor just not funny? I'm not getting enough page impressions on AdSense! Nobody's reading my blog or clicking on the ads! I'm not going to be able to retire due to online advertising!

OK, I'm done.

Sure, I'd like an ever growing audience. But I have to write what I know, and how I can. I certainly hope I don't cause offense, but I'm not perfect. Writing this blog gives me the opportunity to practice writing in a way in which I hope people will enjoy. Call it a writer's sandbox, an online experiment in prose. I hope that anyone who reads this knows what to expect; and I do hope that what I write gets better over time. But who can tell?

As to page impressions, I get the feeling that most people who read this read it via RSS or XML or what have you, and have never set finger on the actual site (if you are one of those, raise your hand.) So I think that Adsense was doomed before I ever got it up and running.


- Fri night's guests included a ten year old boy who was thrilled to play chess with his father using my son's Attack of the Clones chess set. Yoda is king of the good side, standing on a large pedestal to make his piece taller than the other pieces.

- My daughter Tal, age 12, took all of the glass stones that I bought to a) play Go, and b) create games, and created "figures in glass stones":

- Lastly, Nadine dropped by for a shabbat PR game, in which Rachel soundly beat us 62 to 53 to 51. We missed Nadine at the club this week, so it was nice to see her.


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