Friday, June 24, 2005


Something got messed up with the previous template, so I am forced to move to a new one.

Also, I have removed a few of my links to blogs that don't update frequently enough. I try to post every two days minimally. Maybe my postings are not too long, but the content is at least fresh. Some blogs that post less frequently, such as once a week are also good, if the postings are, at least, longer and worth the wait.

I just don't feel it is worth my effort to check on blogs that have no postings for months at a time. So I am forced to drop the links, even if some of the content is ok. If you're not going to post on your blog for a long time, or it has been a while, please let people know what the status is, so they don't waste time checking every day.

I'm now working on a few other game designs. With the confidence of creating a good game, I am opening the gates to a slew of other games that have always been on the back burner of my mind. A good feeling. What I need is more regular game testers. Time to scout around the BGDF looking to see what the best approach to this is.

If anyone wants to volunteer, and has a few friends willing to playtest my designs as I make them, let me know.



Mikko Saari said...

Here's a tip: start using Bloglines. I'm following over 100 blogs and would never have the time to actually visit them. Bloglines checks if the blogs have been updated and archives the posts, so you never have to even visit the sites - just read the content through Bloglines.

Try it, and you'll notice it's a lot more fun than checking the updates manually. Then you can return the rare updaters on your list, as there's absolutely zero effort to check them - Bloglines (or any other RSS reader; I just fancy it myself) will do it for you.

Bloglines can be found at

Yehuda said...

OK, thanks. I've looked at bloglines before, but I never tried to set it up.

Can you share your subscriptions with me as a base.

In any case, there is a difference between what I subscribe to, personally, and what I link to from my site. I think that the links I provide from my site should be to useful, up-to-date content.


mikko saari said...

My public subscriptions are at - you'll probably want to check folder "Pelit - Blogit", which has most game-related blogs.