Thursday, June 30, 2005

Session Report Up

On my site. Games played: My game prototype, For Sale, Louis XIV, Magic: the Gathering, San Juan, Cosmic Encounter.

The first game played every session this month was the first game prototype. I now have several others for which I need to make mock-ups.

Thanks, Tom, for linking to my blog, but I only get a "6" rating? :-) It must be because I post my sessions on the main site instead of here - they're easy to miss.

I am embroiled in a legalese discussion on Spielfrieks regarding IP and games, which is also the subject of my ethics article about to be on The Games Report. I had to cut all of the legalese out of the article (now posted to Spielfrieks), and I'm worried the article will seem more like random opinions, rather than sound arguments. I do have pretty solid support for the opinions.

Then Shannon Applegate posted links to three articles he had written on the subject specifically covering all of the legalese topics I had cut out of my article, so there you go.


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Coldfoot said...

I'll give ya' a 9. You get a bonus point for updating regularly.