Saturday, June 11, 2005

Weekend gaming

My daughter Tal asked me to play a game, so I taught her my game prototype, which she liked, and then asked to play two more times. I should note that she won the first two times.

I then taught her how to play Gin Rummy. Sad how deficient her education has been up to this point if she still doesn't know Gin.

In the evening we had the usual PR game with myself and Nadine. Rachel was hoping to make up her abysmal show from the last game. We played mostly the usual set of my buildings mixed with the regular buildings. Rachel had an early Factory, but only produced corn, indigo, and sugar. Nadine had an early Large Business (8/3, give Builder and Captain privileges), and a tobacco monopoly. I had a coffee monopoly and Discretionary Hold (6/2, like Storehouse, plus can ship a single additional barrel onto any full ship). I let Nadine get an early tobacco trade by taking 2 GP on craftsman and then captain; in any case I knew that my sugar would get around to trading. Rachel got blocked from an early trade or two, but then got in some good ones.

Still, Nadine and I managed to get the odd Big Buildings. All said and done, we all had approximately the same amount of shipping points (24,25,28) and the same amount of building points, with the arrangement in Nadine's favor - 58, 55 (me) 52 (Rachel).


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