Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Driving Around, You Can See All the People ...

I was in the area, yesterday, so I agreed to drop by the game publishers to run through the game one more time with them to ensure they were playing right. And they weren't. Good thing I showed up.

Unfortunately, the three corners I had to turn to get back to the main highway - less than 2 kilometers - took over 50 minutes of traffic just to get me to where I could see the highway. And when I finally got a view of the highway, I saw that the traffic going off far into the distance. I would still be there right now if I hadn't manage to break off from my lane and meander my way through the city streets to a different highway.

Chris Brooks should be stopping by on Saturday afternoon/evening. Directions to my house are difficult, and I don't answer the phone from Friday evening until Saturday night, so ... good luck getting here, Chris. (I did send him the best directions I could, as well as a pointer to an interactive online road map of Israel.)


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