Sunday, October 23, 2005

3 Sales

Goodness, three people have asked to buy my game prototype #1 in its printed form, even though it is overpriced for the quality of the components. It cost me $7 each to produce the games on 300 gram paper, and maybe $0.30 to print the rules. An unnamed amount on driving, telephone calls, etc. I tossed in $0.70 worth of glass stones (I don't like the quality of the paper coins that I printed) and sold it for $9.00. More on this in the session report for Games Day.

Does selling the game qualify to have it listed in BGG?



Coldfoot said...

Oh, what the heck. Send me a copy and I'll review it in my blog.

I'm serious. I'll send you a money order for the game and shipping (slow boat rates, please). Send me a message with the total cost, and your address. I'll get the money order out in a day or two.

Coldfoot said...

BTW, I'm holding out for an autographed copy.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

I will mail you a copy from Dallas. I haven't had time to cut them all out, yet.