Monday, October 10, 2005

A Thing of Beauty

I printed up a batch of my games. Yay. It was expensive - about $7 per game to print, not including any packaging, etc. Boo. But it's pretty. Yay. But not as pretty as I would have liked. Boo.

It is lightweight and probably easy to ship. Yay. But it was all printed on 300 gram paper, when I would have preferred it to be printed on paper glued to cardboard stock. Boo. While I was printing, I also printed up a bunch of my PR buildings. Yay. But I think they came out too big and poor quality. Boo.

A thing of beauty.

I did the designs myself, derived from Microsoft's online clipart. I'll deal with the copyright issues some other time. From what I can tell, the images are provided without any restrictions that I could see.

Here is a regular tile:

And a wild tile:

And a hazard:

A player mat, for placing tiles you have bought:

There's also a player screen, and coins. Here are the PR buildings - they look better here than they do when I printed them in the wrong size, I fear.

First of all, I think I'll send a copy or two to some interested parties who wanted to see it. Then maybe to some reviewers, if I can interest any. Tom? Greg? Rick?

I will give a number as gifts. Everyone else, if you want a copy, any offers covering my costs will be accepted.


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Iain said...

I am really interested in the Puerto Rico buildings. Do you have a higher quality version, so I can print it out.