Saturday, October 15, 2005

Weekend Gaming

Tal's friend Ruthy came over - I get nachas from her, because she is a big fan of my game prototype - now a fully made mockup. She played all weekend and finally managed to win once. I also played with them once, as did a new girl in the neighborhood (another convert).

Ruthy wants to buy a game mockup. That's two sales, so far, and I haven't even started trying. Yay.

We also had Gili from the game group over for lunch, along with her husband, Ilan, and their three lovely children. What a sweet couple, and what cute kids.

Gili, Ilan, Rachel, and I player Puerto Rico. Lowest scoring game I think I've ever played. I won with a score of 38 which included 2 shipping points. The lowest score was 21. I sent them home with another mockup to play with.

One week until Game Day, one and a half until my vacation ...


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