Sunday, October 09, 2005

The language of love

If I only had an 'n'!

Anyone have a brick? Anyone? For a sheep? Two sheeps? Two sheeps and a wheat?

Eat the queen, baby!

What did I say at the beginning of the game? Nothing goes into or out of the king's region. Nothing. -What about this scoreboard? -*sigh*

You raised to game with that?!

You let him get a Jester for 500? Are you crazy?

I lost six armies and you didn't lose any! That's just so ridiculous. These dice suck.

Hit me. Ouch. Yes, very funny, give me the damn card, already.

No, honey, you have to wait until you roll the die before you can move to the 100 space. Put your pawn back. Put it back. Back. Back. Back. Back. Back here. Here. Here. Here.

So, I cast my fireball at 0 range and then I drink my potion of fire protectiom. No wait!

Would you move already? You know you have to move your knight onto the castle with the king, so just do it. Aw cripes.

I edict zap your unzap which zapped my cosmic zap. -Oh yeah? Well I flare zap your wild void which ...

OK, so for each one you have on the beach, you lose it if you roll a six. Go ahead. OK, you lost that one. And that one. And that one. Wow, that one too. That's four for four. Good rolling, Tex.

I'm building threes. -You're an idiot.

OK, I throw a rock at the dragon to see if he's really sleeping. No wait!

Is it my turn? I'm merging all three chains -Why? -I just want the game to be over.


OK, I pay these two and flip here, get a metropolis, I place a road taking longest road, and I build this into a city. The score is now, uh, 11 to 5 to 3. Do you want to continue?

Whose turn is it?

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