Saturday, May 03, 2008

Board Game Blog World Roundup

I maintain the world's best up to date listing of board and card game blogs that actually update and contain postings of general interest. See my sidebar for the complete listing.

The following blogs are new to me since my last posting. In addition, two blogs were dropped.

The Dice Hate Me - J. Neil Edge, Gainesville, Fl. A rant and blog on board games (self-rated R). Not a frequent poster and last post was in February.

Basement Boardgamer - Farid Widjaya, Marietta, PA. A new video game review site.

Beware the Gazebo - Mike Betzel, Madison, WI. Reviews.

Board Games Blog - Yanick Mimee, whereabouts unknown. Reviews, strategy, and commentaries on mainstream games (Clue, Risk, etc).

Boardgame Development - Ema, Padova, Italy. Some game development thoughts.

Drake's Flames - Matt Drake, Dallas, TX. Video and board game reviews, associated with Vixentor Games.

Felbrigg's Gaming Blog - "FNH1", Northampton, UK. A game designer for Book Ranger. Also has a podcast Print And Play.

Ford's Certified Gaming Journal - Unknown, New Albany, IN. Started with a few posts.

Lodestone - David A. Miller., Silver Spring, MD. Another game design blog, may have stopped after a few posts.

Making a Game out of Game Design - aka The Gamer Dome. "Propagandoid", UT. I don't know more about him. Gamer news.

Old Board Gamers Blog - Dan Spezzano, Geneva, IL. General board gaming.

Out of the Toy Box - Richard Gottleib. This is a column in Playthings magazine discussing toys and games.

Pawnderings - Seth Owen, Norwich, CT. General gaming.

Reflections Across the Board - Mike Compton, Salt Lake City, UT. Low volume gaming thoughts.

Starting a Revolution - Philip duBarry, OH. Another game designer blog, associated with a game called Revolution.

The Game's The Thing - Ron and Veronica. A gaming podcast.


Ozvortex said...

I appreciate the work you do on maintaining this board gaming blog list. It's nice to have this in one location. Thanks.

Propagandroid said...

Hey Yehuda,

Thanks for the shout out and linkback. My blog is still pretty new, but I'm hoping to start something fairly unique soon. I crave interactivity, and hope to see people join in the fun (see my latest post for more details!).


Yehuda said...

Thanks, ozzie.

Prop - care to share any missing information about yourself, such as name and location?


Philip said...

Thanks for the shout out!

David said...

Thanks for the plug. And for the prompt to get going on the personal game blog again. It's just this silly Purple Pawn project that's been keeping me busy. But now that I'm getting the hang of it, I've got some ideas for working on Lodestone again in the next couple of days.

Yehuda said...

David: Heh. I didn't put 2 and 2 together.


Dreaded Gazebo said...

Thanks for the mention here! Meant to mention that earlier :) Quite the collection of blogs you have going.

I've been doing mine for my own pleasure, fun to know people check it out from time to time.