Saturday, May 17, 2008

PR with the usual

Nadine, Rachel, and I player PR on shabbat afternoon, and Nadine won for the Nth straight time.

Rachel started with a corn, rather than a quarry, which led to a series of difficult choices as the game continued. I took a sugar and Nadine took tobacco. I still chose Builder in second seat, followed by Nadine's Mayor.

Turn 2 I took Mayor instead of Trader, however. I now had a working sugar to their corns. (I should probably add here that Small Market was not in the game.) Trader/Craftsman.

Nadine took a long time to get her tobacco going, and in fact didn't trade it once during the game. She was making enough from Factory to not have to bother. Rachel didn't get her trade good until after midgame, by which time she also didn't get to make much use of it. A three good (C/I/S) board works only if your opponents cooperate, which we didn't by creating midgame coffee and tobacco boats.

Trader was stuck for most of the game, prompting me to get a Trading House, although a bit late to make good use of it (I use it two times).

I got an early sugar trade and later coffee trades, and had Harbor, so I thought I was doing ok. But there was so much crafting going on that Nadine's Factory and Wharf just ended up overwhelming us.

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