Friday, May 16, 2008

Rhymes With "Bermuda"

I've been looking for jobs and interviewing a lot. My ex-wife is in the hospital and needs a heart transplant[1]. I've been working on a few long posts. I'm keeping Purple Pawn up to date. That's why you've been getting mostly shorter posts from me, recently.

Shabbat is a'coming, and we're invited out for tonight and going on a picnic for lunch. Later in the afternoon we'll be going to Nadine's, so might get a game of Puerto Rico going.

Griddly Games is sending me a game or two to review. Their stuff looks neat, and I'm surprised not to see more reviews and information about them on BGG. They also didn't know much about BGG, so I sent them exploring.

I actually still have a few un-played games, including this one and this one. Must get to them someday, soon.


[1] Addendum

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David said...

On my recent trip to Miami, I met Dan Perez ( for dinner. He told me that at the GAMA Trade Show a woman from a board game company approached him, thinking he was you. After the post she left on Purple Pawn, I think she must have been from Griddly Games.