Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Syzygy of Celebrations

On July 13, I have the following events to attend, all in the evening, all in different cities:

- Wedding of my first cousin's child
- Wedding of my downstairs neighbors' (and close friends') daughter
- Bar Mitzvah of son of other friends; the bar mitzvah boy, and occasionally his father, are game group attendees.

What to do? I was looking forward to all three of these events. Rachel probably won't even be in the country on that date.

Some other friends are also having a bar mitzvah for their son, but thank God it's in August.



David said...

Weddings come before Bar Mitzvahs. Family comes before friends. Unless you really prefer one event over the other, in which case you make some excuse about one being closer or other such issue. Another potential influence on your decision--might you be asked to say any of the brachot or be a witness at either wedding?

meowsqueak said...

Easy - if they are all of equal 'importance' to you, then the simple rule to follow is go to the one you agreed to attend first.

People can understand and respect that logic and if you're asked for an excuse it's a hard one to disagree with. In my culture anyway.

Mischa said...

Be a real gamer- roll for it. ;)