Thursday, March 19, 2009

The last two lines are verbatim

"The great thing about this type of fancy restaurant is that you can eat food you would never be able to make at home."

"Where are my glasses?"

"Look at these weird things."

"Look at these prices!"

"Stop it. Hmmm, veal brains in scallop sauce. Care to try it?"

"Tonight's special is a steak with fois gras in a brandy sauce with truffles."

"Truffles? Are those mushrooms?"

"I think they only grow for two weeks a year in France and you need specially trained pigs to snort them out."

"I've got some growing in my socks."

"I'll have the bearded liver in cannibalized sauce."

"That's seared liver in caramelized sauce."

"I can't see without my glasses."

"Look, here's sweetmeats. What's that?"

"That's balls. Try some."

"No it's not. It's tonsils. See, it says here 'shekedim'."

"No, I think it's balls."

"Yeah, between missing its brains and its balls, there's some poor beast walking around without any meaning in life."

"Nah, it can always run for knesset."

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