Friday, March 27, 2009

Seventies Hippie Greeting Cards

It's a Jerusalem tradition to throw still usable items out by leaving them outside where someone else can take them for free, rather than simply putting them in the trash, especially books and shoes. Better for someone passing by to pick up something you don't want, then for it to go straight to a landfill.

My neighbor recently moved / is moving, and they left a bunch of things out over the last several weeks. Yesterday was this groovy set of hippie seventies greeting cards. Enjoy.

Inside: We too, should make love ... not war!

Inside: I'm all together, when we're together.

Inside: My life was going nowhere until I found you!

Inside: I woke up this morning with your love shining all around me.

Anyone want some free greeting cards?

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ashish said...

I loved the last one...hihih...being some naughty..I rarely post on any blog but where i find things useful and
unique i surely stop by an post a comment. It would just like going off the topic but what do you think how much good it is to buy cards over internet as compared to buying them from stores or such like Wallmart..

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