Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Purim Play and Party

Tonight I performed in a Purim Shpiel put on by our shul Mizmor LeDavid, written by our downstairs neighbor Allen Rabinowitz, and starring my wife as Professor Addlebrain and me as a humble archaeologist who discovers the Dead Sea Disks. Actually, it was the musicians who were the stars, we were just the dialog between songs. But in the end I got to say, "As an archaeologist, I really dig you, Professor Addlebrain."

It was great fun, despite a number of gaffes in sound engineering and chorus cues. That just kind of adds to the fun, in its own way. Even the somewhat lamer songs were received by our packed audience with a great response.

We played to an audience of some hundred and fifty (we were expecting 70 or 80), and all the money raised is going to Keren D'or, which gives medical supplies to the needy elderly. We raised quite a bit of money. Yeah us!

Now we're back home, partying to classic rock, disco, eighties, and nineties dance music.

I received a fantastic email from a reader this evening: "In the meantime, consider this a "well done" note. I consider yours to be one of the most important minds I have come across in my meanderings across the digital landscape."

I'm not even thinking about that I may be losing my job soon.

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David said...

Chag Purim sameach.