Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shabbat Gaming

Dinner: I asked a few questions from the trivia game Moot. Any trivia game is only worth as much as its questions, and Moot is THE game to get if you're interested in etymology or English language usage.

Lunch: Rachel and I played Puerto Rico with Nadine and her son Yona. Scores: Yona 52, Me 49 + 4 coins, Rachel 49 + 3 coins, Nadine 47. The important thing to note here is that I beat Rachel. By a mile.

I had Factory and Harbor, and a viable Tobacco. Yona had a coffee monopoly and then Wharf with several corns. Nadine had Factory and tobacco in front of me, but lacked the Harbor (she took Discretionary Hold). Rachel went for early victory points and Harbor, and made it to 36 shipping points, but (as you can see) nothing much in the building department.

My daughter Tal is acting in a play starting tonight and over the next week: 7th annual director's showcase. Go see it. She's great.

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