Wednesday, July 06, 2005

2 unusual PR games

Rachel and I played with a few changed buildings again, which wildly changes the strategies. Almost every building was bought over the course of two games, and each game was very different. R won the first game by a few points, I won the second by a lot.


Forest House 1/1 - even moved down to 1 GP, it still wasn't worth buying, although a little closer.

Hacienda 2/1 - we don't play the rule that you can swap your pick with a forest.

Small Fashion District 2/1 - sell indigo at +2. A good early threat.

Salvage Yard 3/1 - gain 1 GP for each barrel you dump, except corn. In the past used to good effect. Not bought in either game.

Guest House 4/2 - used well by R in one game.

Large Market 5/2 - need to have something that gives money.

Inheritance 5/2 - when you buy a production building, it comes with a matching plantation. A little expensive, but pretty neat. One always wonders if one couldn't have simply bought Hacienda, however.

Scavenger Yard 6/2 - take all dumped goods, including yours, excluding corn. Useless if there are warehouses in the game. In any case I didn't get to use it, because R bought Private Boat right after I bought this.

Hold 7/3 - ship any additional barrel onto a ship when shipping. Each ship can hold only one additional barrel. A bit of a weak building; gives a few extra vp's.

Large Business 8/3 - pay 1 less for any building, and gain 1 extra vp if you ship at least one barrel. Like Builder's and Captain's privileges. Close to a perfect building, more balanced than Harbor.

Large General Workhouse 8/3 (2 circles) - acts as a wild production building, when producing, if you have matching manned plantations, you can produce those goods. Often a little strong, but not a game breaker. Also a staple building in our games.

Private Boat 9/3 - ship any three barrels onto a private boat. Also has a Hold, by the way.

Cathedral 10/4 - +1 VP for every three VP's in red building points. Always used to replace the unbalanced Guild Hall.

Distillery 10/5 - +2 VP/sugar plantation. Max +8. Sok, but I have better buildings.

City Hall 10/4

Fortress 10/4

Customs House 10/4

Looking forward to the next official expansion for Puerto Rico, said to be in development.


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