Sunday, July 17, 2005

Google Ad-sense Gone

I have taken Google's Ad-sense off of my sites. When I tried to do my weekly login to their site to see how many pennies I had earned this week, the first thing displayed was changes to their policies, including:

- They can now sell information about me and my blog to third parties, including my financial information (yes, that is what it looked like to me - all of my "billing info").

- If I have a Google search on my site, they forbid me from having any other search on my site.

Etc. To even get into my account I would have had to click "I agree", which I didn't.

Google is rapidly losing it for me. I may rethink having a Google email address if this continues.

Of course, up until now, I had only earned $1.36 (which they won't send to me, as the minimum they will send is $10.00). This is due to the fact that I only have about 20 readers, and that most of you read it using an RSS feed, anyway.

If I was actually making serious money out of it, say $100/day or so, I would have had a tougher decision.

Two more games of PR with Rachel, and she is depressed because she hasn't won a game for a few weeks. She is going to Toronto on Wednesday for a month. *sigh*

I also taught our neighbor's kid how to play my game, and he did the worst I've ever seen, but even he liked it. We then played Settlers, two player, and he did better, but still not good. I will withhold his name, poor fellow.

I have to come up with another good game. One original game isn't enough - that's just a fluke. I have a few more designs waiting to be playtested, and a few more ideas. Must get to work.

I filled in a little more info in the last session report on my site. In non-game news, I am also helping a number of other friends begin building websites. Hopefully that will give them a web-presence and boost their business. A website is like a resume, nowadays. The easiest and best way to show people who you are and what you do.

I have also rented out my apt for four weeks, so I will be itinerant for a while, as will the game group. Numa numa.


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