Friday, July 08, 2005

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Mazal Tov to Yitzchak, a regular of our group, who got married last night to Liat. Lovely, lively wedding. We wish them much love and happiness.

Condolences to those affected by the attacks in London. Unfortunately, we know what you are experiencing.

I'm working on the third article Ethics and Gaming. This one deals with general manners and some ethical considerations if you run or attend a game group.

Peace, y'all,

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Coldfoot said...

Concerning ethics and manners.

I can definitively say that you only need to grab one bag of Cheetos and throw them away to make a point thats lasts for years. Especially if you have been asking people to stop eating them at the game table and pointing out Cheeto fingerprints on the game cards for the preceeding hour.

Who cares if it is rude or unethical. You only need to do it once and your reputation will preceed you, negating the need to do it again.

I know of which I speak.