Sunday, July 03, 2005

Weekend Gaming

We had two families over for the entire shabbat, and another one plus a single added to them for lunch. All of the adults steadfastly refused any sort of games (guests, harumph!). Luckily, one of them has a teenage son (Shlomo) and daughter (Adi), both of whom were willing to play.

Shlomo had come to my group once and played Puerto Rico and Tigris and Euphrates, so was ready for just about anything. Adi had played Settlers with me last time she came over and was looking forward to play again.

I taught them my game prototype (gp#1) two player and three player and we played multiple times. When I went out, they continued to play without me several times. I think the game is basically done, mechanics-wise. I made a few changes to the rules after the very first few times I played, and since then I have played 30 or 40 times and it is basically my favorite filler card game. Somebody help me get it published, please. I am currently waiting on a response from Gamewright.

I then tried them out on another game prototype I had made (let's call it gp#2) which didn't work. It is another card game built around a simple mechanic of picking and giving away cards which seemed like it should make a clever little game, but it didn't work at all (well, not three player, anyway). Back to the drawing board.

We also played Settlers (first time for him, second for her), which they also played two-player twice while I was out, and a game of Traumfabrik. I won the first SoC game by being merciless to Shlomo (very unlike me, and it was only because he was being merciless to me, first ;-) ). Traumfabrik was an easy win, as I played conservatively, which I think is probably the basic key to winning.


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